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Our missions


The goal of the CNM is to guarantee the diversity, renewal and freedom of musical creation. The CNM’s financial and non-financial aid schemes aim to support authors, composers, artists and the professionals who work with them to enable them to reach out to all audiences in France and internationally.

The Centre National de la Musique is entrusted with numerous missions, many of which have an international reach.

12 goals to support the French music industry


The CNM fosters the international development of the music and light entertainment sector by accompanying and supporting the export of French productions, the dissemination of works and the mobility of artists.

Europe – developing and promoting European Music Export

The CNM is a member of the European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE), a non-profit association made up of 28 national and regional music export offices from 24 countries. Through this initiative, the CNM aims to strengthen the European Music Sector by encouraging musical diversity, visibility and supporting mobility in and outside Europe.


The CNM promotes the country’s musical heritage and ensures that it remains active and accessible.


The CNM monitors the development of new technology and promotes innovation in the sector.

Environment & Sustainable Development

The CNM promotes the contribution of the music and light entertainment sector to state policy in the area of environmental protection and sustainable development.


The CNM supports the entire professional sector in all its diversity, promotes equal access to musical professions for everyone and respects the equal dignity of all cultural works. The CNM promotes equal access of women and men to the musical professions.

Gender Equality within the French Music Industry

-a priority to prevent problematic behaviours-

As #MeToo movements have shaken cultural industries in several countries, the Ministry of Culture has entrusted the CNM with acting to create a safer music industry by:

  • Collecting and analysing data on female representation
  • Immediately incentivizing music companies to respect diversity
  • Implement training programmes for professionals
  • Promote and participate in actions to achieve gender equality  

The CNM is currently working with professional committees and in collaboration with the Ministry for Equality on procedures to tackle sexism, harassment and sexual assaults.


The CNM manages a research, forecasting and innovation department, compiling commercial and financial data for the entire sector which it disseminates while complying with laws relating to the protection of personal data and privacy. 

The CNM is also entrusted with missions that are more specific to the domestic market.


The CNM supports the writing, composition, performance, production, editing, promotion, distribution and dissemination of music and musical entertainment in all their forms and to all audiences at national and regional levels in addition to the mechanisms directly deployed by the Ministry of Culture.

Information & Training

The CNM provides an educational function by providing information, guidance and expertise on the sector. The CNM provides a training service for entrepreneurs or project leaders in the sector as well as an engineering function in training based on a forward-looking, innovation and skills development activity.

Artistic & Cultural Education

The CNM participates in the development of artistic and cultural education in its field of competence, in addition to the role played by the State and local authorities in this area.


The CNM, as a national public body, supports music for all audiences at national and regional levels. It works alongside local authorities and their representatives.

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